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Home Building Process

With over 25 years of experience building new homes in the Maryland area, John Berger of JMB Homes has remained true to his values and loyal to his customers and vendors. It is not all about just saving money, it is about building a quality home with confidence that completes the vision of the family building their dream home. We take the time up front to listen closely to each customer and carefully explain all the available options associated to the homebuilding process. John M. Berger believes that each new home is unique just as the homeowner is unique. John’s approach to homebuilding insures that each customer’s needs are addressed and any questions are answered prior to committing to any construction activities or site work. We will work together at a pace that suits the customers’ needs, open, accurate, and documented communication all play a key role assisting the customer with the custom building process from beginning to end.

Home Floor Plans

  • The Pelham by JMB HOMES
    The Pelham
    The Pelham is a winsome house design that is offered by JMB...
  • The Windham by JMB HOMES
    The Windham
    The Windham has the feel of a luxury estate. The house has...
  • The Kameron by JMB HOMES
    The Kameron
    The Kameron is a unique home with a beautiful layout. It has...
  • The Marimar by JMB HOMES
    The Marimar
    The Marimar’s great room and overlook will impress any homeowner. It has...
  • The Lorimar by JMB HOMES
    The Lorimar
    The Lorimar is a multistory home design selected by JMB HOMES. Large...